Advanced Blasting

Start your restoration with a solid foundation

VAN SMILEY, owner of Advanced Blasting, got into this business in the same way as most other successful business owners. He had a passion for doing something and was good enough at it to make a living.

That passion for working on cars and general restoration has been evident in the quality of his work and he carries that with him today as his crew restores classic cars, semi trailers, factory equipment, old signage, building facades and anything else that needs restored.

He’s referred to as “one of the good guys…” as he treats all of his customers the same no matter the type or scale of the project. He’s always the point-man on every project, handling all the details from start to finish and makes sure each restoration is of the highest standard.

Van has an excellent knowledge of the restoration business and has worked with many large companies in the area. He also has references available upon request so you can check the quality of his work for yourself.

With Van, you get quality, a quick turnaround, fair pricing and the peace of mind of knowing you’re working with one of the best in the business.

What are you waiting for? Start your restoration with a solid foundation with Advanced Blasting.

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Industrial & Commercial Blasting

It says EVERYTHING. It’s a first impression a thousand times over when your fleet is on the road. Do you want to convey quality with your brand? Keep the fleet in top condition.

ADVANCED BLASTING can help by restoring one or all of your trailers in your fleet, getting you back on the road with minimal down time, saving you money.

New to logistics? Advanced Blasting can make an older fleet look like new on a budget and a time line. Call TODAY to see how you can transform your aging fleet to help build a positive image for your company.

  • Food Grade Framing
  • Building Facade Restoration
  • Factory Weldments
  • General Surface Repair
  • Large Industrial Equipment

Water blasting

Advanced Blasting uses wet-abrasive blasting systems as one of their tools to restore surfaces with minimal dust, warpage or damage to the original service.

Their portable Geo-Blaster water blasting system will come to your location if necessary and will restore your surfaces-removing paint, rust or graffiti. Water blasting allows for minimal dust and minimal interruption of your on-site activities.

The water blasting system from Geo-Blaster allows Advanced Blasting to work continuously on any project without equipment breakdowns or delays, minimizing your down time.

Car Restoration

Get that ’69 Camaro, Charger or GTO out of the garage and get to work. Advanced Blasting is the first step to having your car ready for show.

We can do a full blast, partial blast, or blast specific parts to remove paint and rust to give your full restoration a solid foundation.

Advanced Blasting will treat you to a great experience from start to finish with excellent service, a quality end product, reliable turn around time and a fair price.

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