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    Start your restoration with a solid foundation

    VAN SMILEY, owner of Advanced Blasting, got into this business in the same way as most other successful business owners. He had a passion for doing something and was good enough at it to make a living.

    That passion for working on cars and general restoration has been evident in the quality of his work and he carries that with him today as his crew restores classic cars, semi trailers, factory equipment, old signage, building facades and anything else that needs restored.

    He’s referred to as “one of the good guys…” as he treats all of his customers the same no matter the type or scale of the project. He’s always the point-man on every project, handling all the details from start to finish and makes sure each restoration is of the highest standard.

    Van has an excellent knowledge of the restoration business and has worked with many large companies in the area. He also has references available upon request so you can check the quality of his work for yourself.

    With Van, you get quality, a quick turnaround, fair pricing and the peace of mind of knowing you’re working with one of the best in the business.

    What are you waiting for? Start your restoration with a solid foundation with Advanced Blasting.

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    Classic Car Restoration Cedar Rapids

    Finding a Great Vehicle for Classic Car Restoration

    Classic car collections can be quite challenging to build, particularly if you need to do a lot of restoration to make them presentable. Thankfully, the best classic car restoration Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer can help you get your car into great shape. So make sure to follow these tips to find the high-quality vehicle that your collection deserves to be as attractive and memorable as possible.

    Where to Find Listings

    When looking for a vehicle for classic car restoration, you need to make sure to use the right channels. You probably aren’t going to find too many great deals looking in local newspapers. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to find one here – know that you’re not likely to be as successful. Instead, you need to get online and start searching through a variety of unique online deal sites and forums.

    For example, you may find a classic car website that features people trying to sell their rides. These sites often work like Amazon or eBay but require you to work directly with the seller. In this way, you are more likely to get a good deal because you can work with them and come up with a suitable plan.

    However, you also need to check each dealer’s reputation before you buy. Some may end up being close to con artists if you aren’t too careful. Contact other people who have worked with them before to learn more about how they work. And make sure that you get a VIN from the dealer as well. Use this VIN to track any issues that may have occurred and to ensure you get a great deal.

    Find a Car That Suits Your Collection

    When you’re shopping for classic car restoration, you must pay attention to the vehicles available. And you need to make sure to look through your collection to make sure that you are pairing new models with what you already own. Many car collectors focus on specific manufacturers and create an expansive display of rides that show off the impressive capabilities of that company’s designers.

    However, you may also want to build a collection that features many, many different models. This option is a good choice if you have the money to spend and have no loyalty to a specific manufacturer. The only drawback is that your collection may seem to lack coherency to others. The balance here can be a hard one to obtain for many collectors. It all depends on what you want and the effect you wish to achieve with your collection.

    So, do you want to find a new model that stands out from your collection or blends in with it? The choice is yours to make. Just be prepared to do a lot of work to ensure that you get the best results. You’ll need to sit down with the dealer and talk about any problems that may affect it. You then need to go through any repairs that may be required to get it back into shape for your collection.

    Taking a Risk on a Rough Buy

    Finding a classic car is sometimes a bit of a wild shot in the dark. You may luck out and find a nearly flawless model at a reasonable price. However, you’re more likely to find costly vehicles or those that have seen better days. The latter type may be your best bet for getting a classic car into your collection, but it must be approached carefully to ensure you don’t make mistakes.

    For example, you may find a beaten-up classic roadster in a junkyard and feel like you have what it takes to get it up and running again. There’s nothing quite like bringing a superb vehicle like that back from the grave and transforming it into a flawless new ride. You’ll be spending quite a bit of money, true, but you’ll get the kind of car that you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise for your car collection.

    When getting classic car restoration on a rough find, you may want to do your renovation in stages. That’s because you may find the cost of doing it all at once to be quite high. However, your car experts may also give you a deal if you do a total restoration at one time. Ask them about this possibility before you make any purchases. In this way, you can protect yourself from a potential financial loss.

    Choosing Restoration Steps

    Lastly, you need to know precisely what classic car restoration processes you want for your vehicle. Often, these options are limited based on what the ride needs. For example, you may need to add new paint to a car to make it more presentable. However, you may also need new parts to make it stronger. Ultimately, you’ll need to work with the seller and your restoration expert to get the best results.

    Do you need to get all of your restoration done at once? That also depends on various circumstances. If you want to present your car as soon as possible, you should probably do a full restoration ASAP. This process is particularly necessary if you buy a classic car with a lot of damage. This latter process leaves you with very little room for profit, so make sure to get your vehicle looking great before listing it.

    Should you get parts directly from the restoration expert or look elsewhere? Again, that all depends on your needs. You may find that your restoration expert charges a bit more for using parts from outside their shop. However, you may also find parts that are stronger and in better shape elsewhere. Work with your restoration expert to get a feel for what to expect and how they can help you out.

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