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    VAN SMILEY, owner of Advanced Blasting, got into this business in the same way as most other successful business owners. He had a passion for doing something and was good enough at it to make a living.

    That passion for working on cars and general restoration has been evident in the quality of his work and he carries that with him today as his crew restores classic cars, semi trailers, factory equipment, old signage, building facades and anything else that needs restored.

    He’s referred to as “one of the good guys…” as he treats all of his customers the same no matter the type or scale of the project. He’s always the point-man on every project, handling all the details from start to finish and makes sure each restoration is of the highest standard.

    Van has an excellent knowledge of the restoration business and has worked with many large companies in the area. He also has references available upon request so you can check the quality of his work for yourself.

    With Van, you get quality, a quick turnaround, fair pricing and the peace of mind of knowing you’re working with one of the best in the business.

    What are you waiting for? Start your restoration with a solid foundation with Advanced Blasting.

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    Sandblasting Cedar Rapids

    How Sandblasting Helps Cars With Early Rust

    Rust can damage even the most durable cars and leave them full of holes. This problem can quickly spread throughout your metal and cause a large amount of damage that may devastate the worth of your car. Thankfully, the best sandblasting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa can help you with your rust. Here are just a few reasons why this process is so beneficial for your vehicle.

    Destroys Rust With Minimum Fuss

    Rust management of a car is often a challenging process to handle. For example, you may try to cut away the rust and end up damaging other areas of your vehicle. Other people may seek anti-rust protection that wears away too quickly. Unfortunately, many solutions are either too extreme or not powerful enough. Thankfully, sandblasting can help. When done correctly, this procedure can destroy rust without affecting other areas of your vehicle.

    Simply focus the blasting on the surface of the rust and hold it there until the corrosion is gone. In this way, you can break apart the surface of this metal decay and leave the underlying structure safe and sound. You can then paint this area to keep it protected from rust for years to come. Add a sealant to the surface to increase this protection even further. When you finish, your car should be rust-free and ready to go with only a minimal amount of work.

    If you don’t feel comfortable performing this process, you can always call a professional. Many people go this route because they aren’t sure when to stop blasting the surface of their vehicle. As a result, they worry that they may leave it more exposed to rust than they would have if they just left it alone. The basic guideline is this: if you don’t think that you can handle blasting, you probably can’t. And you should call an expert to do it for you.


    Some rust-removal methods require sophisticated cleaning techniques that can be hard to understand. For example, you may need to clean the surface with a multitude of chemicals, put down mats to protect the ground from contamination, or go through multiple steps that take professional help to manage. This confusion is something that can frustrate the average car owner. Some may be so annoyed that they don’t even bother with removing rust from their vehicles at all.

    Thankfully, sandblasting is a very straightforward process. You won’t need to use harsh chemicals, scrub the surface of your vehicle, or do a large amount of cleaning. Some people may want to tape up parts along the areas where they blast though. This tape can help to protect against accidental blasting. However, you don’t have to perform this step if you are very careful and accurate with your sandblaster.

    As a result, this is probably the easiest way for an amateur to clean rust from their vehicle. Does that mean that an amateur should do it on their own? Not necessarily. Some car owners will be more than capable of using a sandblaster. However, others will have limited skills with this process. As a result, you need to talk to a professional right away. They can give you an insight into all of the steps necessary for removing rust with a sandblaster.


    Rust can devastate the value of your car if you let it spread too far. However, many people have no choice but to let this situation worsen. Why? They don’t have the money for repairs. Unfortunately, some rust-removal processes may be too expensive for those with a limited income. As a result, their vehicle may quickly become devastated by corrosion. When this happens, they lose years of life on their car and may need to invest in a new one.

    Thankfully, sandblasting is surprisingly inexpensive. There are a few reasons for this low price. First of all, blasting requires only a handful of tools and materials. As a result, your investment will be much smaller than it would be with other rust-removal processes. Secondly, it can be finished surprisingly quickly and with minimum effort. As a result, you won’t have to rent a blaster for too long or won’t have to pay professionals to blast for you for an extended period.

    Is DIY blasting less expensive than professional blasting? That all depends on a few factors. If you are comfortable with this procedure and know how to handle a sandblaster, then you can save a lot of money doing it yourself. However, professional help minimizes the risk of mistakes. When these mistakes occur, your car may end up getting more damaged. As a result, you may want to hire an expert to make sure you don’t damage your ride.

    Fast and Efficient

    Lastly, sandblasting is a speedy process that gives you a very efficient look for your car. That’s because the sand used in this process possesses very fine grains. These particles produce an abrasive surface that can break away rust and other contaminants on your car. Typically, you want to utilize sand that is at least two millimeters in size or more to get the best results.

    How long should it take to perform a sandblast on your car’s rust? That all depends on a few factors. For example, if you are skilled with your blasting, you can likely remove almost all of the rust on your car in one afternoon. However, you need to be very precise with how you use your machine. Some users may find that they lack the necessary skills to provide this level of precision for their car’s rust.

    Why is it important to be so accurate? If you miss your rust and hit other areas of your car, you may strip the paint off of its surface. This problem can occur even if you blast a space for only a few seconds. As a result, you may want to consider professional help. These experts can blast away your rust and give you a look that your car deserves. Just make sure to do some research to find the expert that you think can do the job the best.

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    If you want the best sandblasting Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer, please contact us at Advanced Blasting right away to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience working in this field. They also fully understand the unique demands of this process. As a result, you can accurately remove rust from your car without damaging the painted surfaces anywhere else on your vehicle.

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