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    Start your restoration with a solid foundation

    VAN SMILEY, owner of Advanced Blasting, got into this business in the same way as most other successful business owners. He had a passion for doing something and was good enough at it to make a living.

    That passion for working on cars and general restoration has been evident in the quality of his work and he carries that with him today as his crew restores classic cars, semi trailers, factory equipment, old signage, building facades and anything else that needs restored.

    He’s referred to as “one of the good guys…” as he treats all of his customers the same no matter the type or scale of the project. He’s always the point-man on every project, handling all the details from start to finish and makes sure each restoration is of the highest standard.

    Van has an excellent knowledge of the restoration business and has worked with many large companies in the area. He also has references available upon request so you can check the quality of his work for yourself.

    With Van, you get quality, a quick turnaround, fair pricing and the peace of mind of knowing you’re working with one of the best in the business.

    What are you waiting for? Start your restoration with a solid foundation with Advanced Blasting.

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    Sandblasting Near Me in Cedar Rapids

    Should You Consider Dustless Sandblasting Near Me?

    Getting dustless sandblasting near me in Cedar Rapids, Iowa can provide you with many unique benefits. However, it may cost a bit more than other types of blasting. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid it. Instead, you should choose it when you need the following benefits. Doing so helps to ensure that you don’t spend too much money. It also makes sure that your car is adequately sandblasted.

    Helps Make Painting Easier

    When you try dustless sandblasting, you help to make your car surface more comfortable to paint. The natural rust inhibitor in the blasting materials cleans the metal and leaves it chloride free. This benefit makes it easier to paint the surface of your car without any other preparation. Even better, you won’t have to clean your car after you get dustless sandblasting near me done on your vehicle.

    This benefit is crucial for anybody who wants to make their car more presentable for sale. For example, you can remove rust and old paint and create a whole new coat after you blast them away. In some cases, dustless blasting may be more comfortable for amateurs to handle. As a result, you shouldn’t struggle to manage this problem if you are smart about how you perform it at your home.

    Much Faster Than Other Methods

    Sandblasting is a speedy process. However, dustless sandblasting is even quicker. This extra speed occurs because you don’t have to clean up as much with these blasters. Even better, they have multiple settings that let you choose their operational speed. In this way, you can totally strip your car of paint and rust and get it ready for a new coat without a lot of excessive fuss.

    In fact, if you are focused with your cleaning methods, you may find that you can entirely strip a car of rust and paint in under two hours. That’s right – you can thoroughly remove paint and rust from your vehicle in less time than it takes the Detroit Lions to lose another football game. You can then focus on your painting and have the extra time needed to ensure that you get it done right the first time.

    Less Material Use Minimizes Waste

    Dustless sandblasting is designed to be more efficient than other blasting techniques. The lack of dust means that you don’t need to focus so much of your cleaning on specific areas of your vehicle Therefore, dustless sandblasting uses less sand and stripping material than other methods you may want to try. The benefits of this efficiency are many for car owners.

    As a result, dustless sandblasting near me is much less wasteful than regular types. You won’t have to use nearly the same amount of sand as you would with non-dust blasting. Therefore, you can save yourself cleanup time and avoid contaminating your home’s yard. Even better, you can decrease your material use, which helps to save you money on the process as well.

    Lower Levels of Dust

    Dustless sandblasting gets its name for a good reason – you will experience very little dust with this cleaning method. Instead, the abrasive materials get trapped in water and then adequately grounded before they are used. In simpler terms, they are coated with water to prevent the production of dust. As a result, you shouldn’t have a vast array of waste when you are done with the cleaning.

    Yes, you will have some particles – such as rust and old paint – on the ground after you clean. However, you won’t have to worry about the production of excessive dust. As a result, you can get sandblasting near me without fear that you’ll ruin your driveway or yard. Just as importantly, you can feel confident that others in your area won’t get contaminated by these remnants either.

    Flexibility of Use

    Some sandblasters utilize only a handful of different material options. Dustless sandblasting is different. You can use just about any abrasive item with your blaster. The only qualifying factors include the size – which must be small enough to fit into the gun – and the ability to sink. As a result, you need to find dense materials that will fall in the water inside of your blaster.

    Most of the time, this means that you can go to any sandblasting shop and find items that work for you. However, you may have to adjust the sand that you use depending on the needs of your metal. Thankfully, you can easily clean out your blasting gun if you need to install different materials. Doing so will help to make your blaster more diverse and give it an edge over other options like it on the market.

    Safer Than Other Methods

    Dustless sandblasting uses recycled bottle glass sand to produce a more reliable and more effective stripping option. Just as importantly, they don’t use free silica. This material has been linked to silicosis, a dangerous disease that affects the lungs. Though sandblasters have a limited amount of this item, dustless sandblasters don’t have any at all.

    As a result, you can work with this type of sandblaster and avoid health problems. Many sandblasting near me companies focus on this option these days to ensure that everybody is protected. While normal sandblasting isn’t necessarily dangerous when done occasionally, any risk of severe health problems is not worth taking. Therefore, dustless sandblasting may be a good choice for you

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