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    VAN SMILEY, owner of Advanced Blasting, got into this business in the same way as most other successful business owners. He had a passion for doing something and was good enough at it to make a living.

    That passion for working on cars and general restoration has been evident in the quality of his work and he carries that with him today as his crew restores classic cars, semi trailers, factory equipment, old signage, building facades and anything else that needs restored.

    He’s referred to as “one of the good guys…” as he treats all of his customers the same no matter the type or scale of the project. He’s always the point-man on every project, handling all the details from start to finish and makes sure each restoration is of the highest standard.

    Van has an excellent knowledge of the restoration business and has worked with many large companies in the area. He also has references available upon request so you can check the quality of his work for yourself.

    With Van, you get quality, a quick turnaround, fair pricing and the peace of mind of knowing you’re working with one of the best in the business.

    What are you waiting for? Start your restoration with a solid foundation with Advanced Blasting.

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    Sandblasting Service Cedar Rapids

    Preparing a Car for a Sandblasting Service

    Paint, dirt, rust, and mold all cling to the metal surfaces of vehicles and can severely degrade the overall quality of their ride. Thankfully, the best sandblasting service Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer can help. There are many different benefits to this process. However, you need to make sure you properly prepare your vehicle before you bring it into a shop. Otherwise, you might make a cleaning mistake.

    Identifying Areas You Want To be Blasted

    Sandblasting is a service that you must take very seriously. You shouldn’t just randomly decide to call somebody up to get your car blasted. Doing so is a poor idea: they are likely to get frustrated with you because you aren’t prepared. They may even tell you to go home and come up with a plan before you visit them. As a result, you need to make sure that you know exactly where you want a sandblasting service to work on your vehicle before you start.

    This process is beneficial for a few reasons. First of all, you will have a detailed plan that your professionals can use to manage this complicated process. Instead of going by the seat of your pants, you can finish up quickly and get your car in great shape for other steps in the process. Just as importantly, you will have a better grasp of what the end result will be for your vehicle. All of these benefits make planning ahead critical for anybody going through sandblasting.

    So, how do you plan for this process? First of all, you start by identifying any problematic areas on your ride. These include spots with rust or other types of damage. Then, you need to pay attention to their proximity to other cares of your vehicle. In this way, you can make sure that you avoid causing any damage. Many professionals in this situation will help you plan, if necessary, to keep your car from getting hurt. So don’t hesitate to call them for an inspection.

    Pressure Washing the Car

    Now, before you take your car into a sandblasting service, you need to pressure wash any areas that you want to be blasted. This process is essential because these professionals typically don’t want to deal with grease, grime, dirt, and other contaminants on the surface of your car. So make sure that you either take the parts off that you want to be sandblasted and pressure clean them or simply pressure clean them while they are still on the car.

    Should you remove parts from your vehicle before you wash them? That all depends on a few things. First of all, removing the parts does requires some skill. If you don’t feel comfortable taking them off of your car, you may want to wash the parts and the different areas where they are on your ride. You may take them off, though, if you want to make sure that you don’t cause any damage elsewhere. Really, the choice is up to you and your level of comfort with the cleaning.

    Try to eliminate all dirt and grime that you can find on each of these parts. However, don’t remove grease from areas that need it, such as joints for various spots on your chassis. Removing this grease can cause damage to your car that may be hard to fix. If you aren’t sure where it is safe to pressure clean, you may want to contact a professional to help you. These experts can find the zones that you want to keep protected and will ensure that they don’t lose their grease.

    Taping Up Specific Parts

    The next step that you need to take is taping up your vehicle on areas where you plan on getting sandblasting. This taping process should include along the edges of delicate parts that could easily suffer from damage. Try to use auto tape to ensure that you get the maximum level of protection. This tape is typically available at a broad range of different auto shops and is usually inexpensive.

    Make sure that you place tape on areas that you are worried might be a little more delicate than others. This process should include placing any near electronics, by your glass, and near spots that could very easily get dented. While your sandblasting service professional should do a little taping before they do any blasting, you should make sure to do some yourself to keep your vehicle fully protected.

    If you aren’t uncertain of where to place this tape, don’t hesitate to reach out to your service experts before you begin. These professionals can give you an idea of what you need to do to protect your car from damage. Some might even come to your home and do taping for you, though this service is usually quite rare and shouldn’t be anticipated from most sandblasters in your area.

    Talking With the Sandblasting Professionals

    Lastly, make sure that you reach out to your sandblasting service professionals before you get any work done. We’ve hinted at this step throughout this article but feel it cannot be emphasized enough. You need to make sure that you find someone who has your best intentions in mind for your car.

    Importantly, you also need to make sure that you seek out an expert who is skilled at the specific services you want. Not all sandblasting is created equal. Some types will require more specialized tools. Others are more general and not as hard to implement. Therefore, you can’t take this process for granted.

    Talking with these experts is also wise if you have never gotten any sandblasting before. They can help walk you through the process to better understand how it works. Then, they will give you an insight into other operating methods, such as maintenance on your vehicle after this process is over. This kind of insight is crucial and can help to make your car stronger and more resistant to damage.

    Let Us Help You

    So if you are ready for the best sandblasting service in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, please contact us at Advanced Blasting right away to learn more. Our experts have years of experience working with individuals like you. We also know how to provide the kind of high-quality repairs and renovation that you keep to keep your ride strong. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to get started.

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