Your home has a lot of old paint on its surface that you want to remove to create a beautiful new look for your home. Thankfully, sandblasting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, can provide many benefits that make your home more attractive and easier to paint. Understanding this process is critical because it can make it easier for you to get your home’s best results. You also need to know why professional help is vital for this blasting to ensure total success for your home.

How Sandblasting Can Help

The process of blasting with sand is one that has been adapted to use in many different situations. You may have heard of it being used to strip paint off of cars to prepare them for new coats. However, lower-pressure blasting can also remove paint from homes and make it easier to paint. The benefits of this process are plentiful and are worth understanding if you are interested in it.

For example, blasting away paint this way is fast and efficient – some can get this process done in an afternoon. And it covers pretty broad areas of your home but can also focus on more delicate and hard-to-reach spots. Typically, most blasters are also easy to handle and can be adjusted to ensure that they don’t cause too much damage to the home while you are stripping away the old paint.

That said, sandblasting isn’t something that most homeowners should do without help. Though the blasters themselves may be easy to handle and adjust, proper paint removal is a much more delicate process than you may think. As a result, it is critical to reach out to professionals who can handle these steps for you in a way that makes sense for your home’s needs.

Why Professional Help is Wise

Many homeowners try to handle this paint removal process on their own without getting professional help. This choice is a major mistake because it is no laughing manner. Though you can rent blasters that may be able to handle this process for you, it is best to hire a professional who can ensure that you remove paint on your home without causing any difficulties at the same time.

First of all, sandblasting is a delicate process that requires you to avoid putting too much pressure on the surface of your home. An indelicate application can wear a hole through your siding that allows it to wear down more quickly and cause more damage that is harder to repair. You may also wear down too little paint and leave your home open to various types of damage that may be hard to fix.

When calling these professionals to handle your blasting needs, it is critical to make sure that you understand the types of materials on which this process works best. We suggest getting this process done if you have edge siding on your home or other robust enough materials to withstand its wear and tear. And you should avoid blasting if your home has different types of siding instead.

Siding That May Not Respond Well

Before you schedule any sandblasting with professionals, it is essential to understand that not every home type will respond well to this process. Some materials will be a bit too delicate or may not react well to blasting and end up looking either strange or not responding well to your paint. Understanding this situation can make it easier for you to know how to avoid it for your home.

For example, some types of flat grains do not respond well to blasting because they end up creating a wavy look that is odd and which doesn’t wear as well as you’d like. Typically, you’re going to see this type of problem on wood siding, usually cheaper options. It is vital to examine your home’s surface to ensure that it has edge grains rather than flat grains, or talk to a siding expert about it.

If your home has any of these types of siding, you need to reach out to your sandblasting team and let them know. They may be able to adjust their process in a manner that decreases the impact it may have on your home. More than likely, though, they will have to change a few other elements of their process or may even have to find a new technique that can provide you with the benefits needed.

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As you can see, the best sandblasting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, can provide your home with the high-quality surface it needs to make your painting easier. However, you need to remember that professional help is wise, or you might end up with a surface that isn’t appropriate for painting. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Advanced Blasting to schedule an appointment for your paint stripping.

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